Why Visions In Progress "Couture Vision Board Magazine" Kit + Inspiration

We are the creators of the one and only Visions in Progress "Couture Vision Board Magazine" and vision board kit!

Why Couture Vision Boarding?


- We were tired of spending 4+ hours combing through countless magazines to try to find words and images that inspired us 

- We were tired of our vision boards having the back white space, black space and even cork space behind our inspiring words....ugh (that's not cute)..

So we solved our own problem and we are here to solve yours


Our Visions In Progress "Couture Vision Board Magazine"  will 

+ Cut your time in half while creating your vision board by not having to look through countless magazines to find the right inspiring words, art & images

+ Help you create a visually appealing vision board

No more blank & bland boards because now your pages are aesthetically pleasing... it’s something you’re inspired to look at everyday because it’s eye catching!