About Millions In Progress LLC

Founded by Kenyelle Ash, with a mission to help 1M+ women launch their visions, achieve their goals and business aspirations!

At Millions In Progress LLC, we believe everything that you want is already yours and we seek to inspire, motivate and provide you with the tools needed to enable you to take action and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

We believe that the process to achieving your goals, is to first SEE IT in the form of visualization and BELIEVE IT in order to TOUCH IT -- in other words you must EMBODY success in order to achieve it. This comes with vision planning, writing your goals downremembering your why, affirmations, working your plan, failing forward and of course staying the course.. we mean Never Give Up. Not only are you on the road to the true desires of your heart, but with Millions In Progress, it's our plan to provide you with the accountability and tools needed in order to achieve your goals.

Continue to Progress Forward and of course, Never Stop and Never Settle