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DELUXE "Couture Vision Board" Magazine & Kit // with Positive "I AM" Affirmation Set

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Visions In Progress "Couture Vision Board" Magazine & Kit DELUXE //  with "I AM' Positive Affirmation Sticky Notes + Diamond Pen

"The only magazine you'll need for your vision board!"

  • SAVE TIME by Cutting Your Time in half - no more cutting through countless magazine to “try’ to find inspiring images/words that represents the next level you. This is it!
  • 100% Premium Pages, Sturdy - Beautiful High Quality Pages to cut out that will make your vision board beautiful.
  • GET INTENTIONAL with your goals and gain clarity - Contains goal setting pages with tools to fast track you to achieve your goals. Once your board is finished, your sub-conscious mind will activate to also start attracting the things that you desire from your vision board. 
  • Contains EVERY LIFE CATEGORY needed to create an intentional vision board!
  • ATTAIN YOUR GOALS at a faster pace and higher level.
  • PULL FORWARD - Great as a gift and even a vision board party. Be an inspiration to others.
  • On time stress-free shipping and delivery.

Your Couture Vision Board DELUXE Kit Includes

1. Visions In Progress "Couture Vision Board Magazine"

Complete with 500+ Couture Graphics, Quotes, Word Art and Beautiful Images for your vision board

2. Starter Poster Board with attached easel  (Great for framing!)

3. Decorative Glitter Washi Tape (1) to complete the couture look

4. Glue Stick

5. "I AM" Positive Affirmation Sticky Notes Pad (1 set of 25)

6. Diamond Rhinestone Pen


The magazine also includes a 

+ Vision Board Checklist

+ Manifesting Your Vision Board

+ Goal Setting Tools & Worksheet

+ Bonus Items to enhance your vision in the areas of: Self love, financial goals, travel, goal planning

Sections Includes: Lifestyle, Business, Entrepreneurship, Career, Love, Travel, Finances, Self-Care, Aspirations, Letter Pages & More! 


*Shipping: Please note, to save the planet -multiple orders are packaged two kits per box if you are ordering more than 1 kit/package per order. Shipping multiple kits per box also allows you the customer to save on shipping. 



About Your Couture Vision Board Kit


A “Couture Vision Board” is chic, Intentional and Aesthetically pleasing versus your traditional board filled with random magazine cut outs.

Your couture vision board consists of carefully curated quotes, filled with positivity that best represents the beauty in you and also consists of beautiful backgrounds of patterns, color, scenery, floral, glitter and typography.

Once finished, This couture board will be your Manifesting Magnet and will inspire you to take action daily.

Don’t Just Vision Board, Couture Vision Board!






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Customer Reviews

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Judith Pantoja
Vision Board Magazine

The magazine has lots of beautiful pictures and Inspiring quotes that will help visualize and manifest what you are thinking. The only down size to the magazine is that I wish pictures and quotes on pages were single sided and not printed on both sides of page. You will not be able to use both side if you like them both and need to go with one and waste the other one. If this is something that could be done in the future prints it would be a 5 star for me.

Phyllis Brown
My Vision is SET!

Everything was right in one place. I love not having to gather tons of magazines. The affirmations, quotes and picture were exactly what I needed. Not to mention how pretty the magazine made me feel. Perfect!