How to Celebrate the Women in Your Life & Add Value

There are two times out of the year that prompts the most reflection, The Start of a New Year and the ultimate milestone—Your Birthday! During these times are when people reflect the most on their life.

This is why The Visions In Progress “Couture Vision Board” Magazine and Kit makes a great gift because not only is it thoughtful, it shows your friend or family that you care about their future and their dreams.

The reason why we love this particular kit is because:

  1. It’s truly the only magazine that a girl will need to complete a beautiful vision board.
  2. The end result will inspire your friend to take action because the pages are designed for your board to look beautiful.
  3. Time will be cut in half when creating this vision board because they will not have to look through countless magazines to try and find the right positive words and images for inspiration.

This was a genius idea to create a magazine book along with a kit strictly dedicated to creating a beautiful couture yet intentional vision board that will inspire their future.

The vision board kit also comes with one glitter decorative washi tape, one glue stick and a letter size poster board with an attached easel. The cute hot pink box that it comes in can be used as a dream box once opened. The Deluxe kit also includes a set of blank positive I AM Affirmation Sticky Notes and Diamond Rhinestone Pen

The magazine also makes for a great table top or desk book loaded with inspiration in event your gift recipient thinks it’s too beautiful to cut through. Either way it’s a win-win and you’ve helped invest into her future.

The premium magazine includes: A Vision Board Checklist, A Guide to Manifesting Your Vision Board and items to enhance your vision in the areas of: Self love, financial goals, travel and goal planning. 

To order your Visions In Progress “Couture Vision Board” Magazine and Kit visit or click here!   

Once the woman that you gift the “couture vision board magazine and kit” completes her vision & dream board, she will always think of you and how you helped bring life to her vision!


Kenyelle Ash








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